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Mailing your Paper Sushi Save the Date Magnets

Posted by Jen on

Paper Sushi laser engraved wood Save the Date magnets make a beautiful first impression on your guests.  With designs ranging from casual and fun to elegant and understated, you're sure to find the perfect Save the Date for your lovely event!

But, how do I mail these, Jen?  You guys, it's just that easy!  Read on to learn how to safely mail Save the Date magnets (and invitations sent with my acrylic monogram tags as well!).  Because they are rigid, they shouldn't be sent in a regular envelope with a regular stamp.  USPS takes every regular envelope we send and runs it through their machines.  Let's call them robots, just because that's way more fun.  The robots are efficient and help keep the cost of mail down but they are also clumsy, killer robots that will mangle anything that doesn't bend to their will.  Beautiful, laser engraved Save the Date magnets don't bend to the robots' will.

That won't make a beautiful first impression!  Not to worry, safely mailing your Save the Dates is a piece of cake.  The most economical shipping option is to add a non-machinable surcharge to your mailing.  The non-machinable surcharge is $0.21 and USPS makes postage stamps in exactly that amount.  A regular letter stamp and a $0.21 stamp together are all you need to let USPS know to keep your lovely mailing out of the clutches of their killer robots.

Voila!  That is shipping option number one.  The second shipping option is quite a bit more expensive, but if you want to splurge and make sure that not only your Save the Dates, but their envelopes arrive unmarked and pristine, read on.

Rigid mailers protect everything inside, for the most impeccable delivery.  They cannot ship at the USPS letter rate, and instead are treated as parcels.  USPS First Class parcel rate starts at $2.64, so it is indeed quite the splurge.

With either the non-machinable surcharge, or parcel rate options, your Save the Dates should arrive in beautiful condition!

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